Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala

digital marketing courses in Kerala

1. Search Engine Optimization

              SEO being the most rewarding platform in the field of digital marketing, is the leading and the most challenging sort after digital marketing course in Kerala. It is all about tweaking and optimizing various online entities like blogs,e-commerce platforms, websites,etc of any brand with the sole intention of increasing their rank in SERPs(Search Engines Results Page) and thus get high visibility in the online world. SEO requires a professional to have skills related to content marketing, proficiency in HTML with technical site optimization and the ability to combine data and analytics. A person undergoing SEO training should be able to master these skills and should be able to implement them. To become a professional emphasis on gaining hands-on experience  with interactive projects helping yourself learn the latest tools and techniques to be employed for analysis.

2. Search Engine Marketing

              Search Engine Marketing refers mainly to the process of employing paid advertisements so as to appear in the Search Engine Results Page(SERPs). SEM mainly focuses on Pay-Per-Click ads. This course emphasises on understanding the behavior of the target audience and depending on their behavior concentrates on promoting the products that apply to the company. Focusing on such behavior is the base of running any pay per click campaign. Effective understanding and accurate analysis of current market will help us to generate maximum generic and potential leads on executing an entire campaign as a professional. An SEM specialist should strategize PPC campaigns,monitor campaign management, perform market analysis and should possess some Ad writing techniques.

3. Social Media Marketing Courses

                  Social Media Marketing course is all about utilizing social media platforms to the maximum for the promotion of your brand to the common world. Gaining more and more visitors is the sole aim of all the businesses having an online presence. SMM and SMO(social media optimization) help attain this. This course will help to get a better understanding of using social media platforms to optimize better search results in driving traffic from the social networks and also directly from the search engines. Social media optimization is an advanced level of SMM which is gaining prominence just as SEO because of the growth of social networking sites. An SMM strategist should demystify community building on Facebook, Create Facebook and Twitter campaigns and marketing strategies, leverage Linkedin for lead generation,measure ROI of social media. Social media strategists work for full time with long hours.

Digital marketing courses
Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala

4. Inbound Marketing Courses

           Inbound marketing is all about customer oriented marketing. This course covers all fields of marketing techniques ranging from content creation and social promotion tills it converts to generating leads. This course will help you to have a greater knowledge on how to attract potential customers in the conversion funnel, how to convert prospects into leads using mailing strategy and to utilize the life cycle emails and finally analyse conversion optimization patterns.  

5. Email Marketing Courses

                  Email marketing being one of the oldest form of online marketing techniques has still not lost prominence. As long as people communicate via mail, this marketing form will be alive. It is highly relied on for building brand trust and providing useful tips and offers directly to prospective customers. The only task in email marketing is collecting Iist of potential customers and to keep the current customers highly engaged without losing interest in the brand for which we promote business. Email marketing courses in Kerala helps us know how to simultaneously interact with our audience while promoting our brand and increasing the sales. A professional will learn to run active email campaigns, to use Campaign and automation tools and to process deliverability software. In addition on working with live projects, you’ll master in creating effective and engaging email content, various customer acquisition strategies and to utilize resources for performing situational analysis and progressive updates.

6. Affiliate Marketing courses

           Affiliate marketing is a very tempting sector in digital marketing in Kerala. It concentrates on earning commissions by promoting other people’s,brand’s or company’s products. With this exclusive business oriented course, you will get equipped with all the techniques with which you can start your own affiliate business under the guidance of industry experts. After undergoing this course, you will be able to integrate all affiliate marketing skills with your digital marketing strategy and stay at par with your competitors. An expert will learn how to select high quality and profitable products to promote, ways to boost the campaign performance for your selected product by tracking keywords that lead to actual sales. In addition to getting yourself trained, you will also be taught to select a strategy for yourself and build your chain and slowly train your customers for a long term profit sustenance.

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