Influence of Digital Marketing in Thiruvalla

With digital marketing flooding in all regions of online businesses, local places like Thiruvalla are equally competitive with their counterparts. Irrespective of the field of work, to make an online presence has become the need to sustain in the market and to win the hearts of customers. Without an effective online presence, business can no longer grow and spread awareness about their brand. This has increased the need of many digital marketing company in Kerala who come to the aid of these booming companies in expanding their businesses online.

Growth of Thiruvalla

With the pace at which Thiruvalla is growing, even the Government has come forward with plans to convert Thiruvalla into an IT innovation hub. Thiruvalla is marking a very remarkable growth in business. Many reputed companies have already shown their presence in the town very recently. Reputed brands have opened their outlets in the city in recent times including Pantaloons, Mahalekshmi Silks, Kalyan Silks, Jolly silks, Max Fashion, etc. People had started looking out for branded materials in recent times, which had paved the way for a new revolution.

Changing Mentality of people in Kerala

Local cities are growing not only in business but also in inner perspectives. They have started thinking broadly and accepting the new generation with modern views and looks. Our society has learned to move forward with the trend. Ladies have started working for late hours even in the local places, IT industries which was earlier not much accepted at orthodox homes. All have adapted to the changes brought about by the technology which has started influencing not only the living styles but also in fashion, food habits, job openings, flexible working times, dressing sense and what not!

Acceptance of Working Women

Working women have increased in number at alarming rates. They have started touching all spheres of work with confidence and have succeeded in handling them so well along with their family responsibilities. Even society has accepted their presence and have now started promoting women employability in local companies both small and big alike. Many women had started exploring their local requirements and started working as groups to meet the requirements of those available market needs. Such local business groups have gained wide popularity. Even Government had come forward in helping out these local groups or organizations like Kudumbashree, ayalkottam,etc in providing loans for carrying out their businesses.

Entrepreneurial Generation

The younger generation no longer think as before. They all have started thinking out of the box. The trend of going in search of jobs are reducing day by day. This shift has brought about many talented entrepreneurs who want to provide job for others rather than going behind others as job seekers. Such people though struggle at the beginning, with the help of recent booming and popular trends outbreak their counterparts. Digital marketing strategies when carried out by studying local market can be of great help. Entrepreneurs utilize the varied opportunities of digital marketing to make their presence known to the general public. Emphasis is mainly done on the prospect customers which can be found only by lead generations from these social marketing processes.

Digital Marketing Importance in Thiruvalla

When businesses started increasing in number, it was obvious that people start comparing their needs and requirements. This is where digital marketing comes into play. No business can grow without satisfying their customers. But for satisfying them, one needs to win their minds with exciting offers and quality products. With the help of local digital marketing company like Aklak Digital Solution in Thiruvalla, any start up company in Thiruvalla can stand ahead of the trending demands of its prospect customers. Such locally based companies can easily employ their digital marketing strategies as they would be already familiar with the mind sets of the common public and mainly the purchasing capacity of the local folks.

This brings in more strength to the competitiveness. Also it helps in spreading more publicity to the general public about the brand we promote. Once we focus on the digital marketing strategies and utilize social media like Facebook and Twitter, business starts growing exponentially.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in Kerala

top 10 digital marketing company in kerala

Digital marketing companies in Kerala are growing at a very faster pace. Showing a strong presence in the ever growing digital world has become an unavoidable marketing technique for any business. This led to the sprouting up of many digital marketing companies that offer the services to help the business boom. The best place to advertise any business is of course the place where there is more visibility by the target audience. Where to get more visibility of the people other than the virtual world in which the users are increasing constantly? Being online has become the trend for both young and old alike which makes it necessary for businesses to show their presence online as well. Offline marketing techniques are not becoming as effective as it was a few years ago due to the increased usage of internet by the general population. This has opened up another world of online marketing and the opportunities for digital marketing companies have multiplied. 

Kerala being one of the most advanced and digitally literate states of India has always been ahead of rest of the states in many areas, be it education or literacy rate or health care. Kerala has always kept its position in the top row. The scope of digital marketing among the well educated population of Kerala has given rise to a number of digital marketing companies in Kerala. The trend of marketing using online tools has become so popular among the people of Kerala that digital marketing companies have also mushroomed in the nooks and corners of the state. The companies exhibit tough competition in matters of quality and best results by upgrading regularly. Some of the digital marketing companies have tie ups and collaborations with foreign companies and they are on the lead with the latest digital marketing tools.

Digital marketing companies offer a variety of services to business and the results are unimaginable. They create responsive websites with attractive page designs in order to optimize conversions. Infographics and videographics are an inevitable part of digital marketing and these companies help businesses to create eye-catching posters and videos for the purpose of marketing. Traffic building is the most important service offered by any digital marketing company and different tools such as SEO and PPC are used to optimize the results. They help the businesses in brand building which is essential for them to survive in an ever increasing world of competition. 

Digital marketing companies put forward multiple offers to the customers in order to be the best in the industry. Here we will discuss the top 10 digital marketing companies in Kerala in terms of services provided, tools used and latest techniques implemented.  

1. Spider Works

SpiderWorks has its headquarters in London and they have a team of experts who are constantly delivering results by combining creative ideas with their vast experience. They are one of the pioneers in the industry with more than 18 years of experience in the digital marketing sector. They are the first digital marketing company in Kerala and they started business even before Google was incorporated. They provide services like social media marketing, search engine optimization, advanced web analytics, email marketing, pay per click, web development, Facebook marketing, Google advertising, content marketing, reputation management and content strategy. They boast of a talented team of digital marketing experts as their strength and is among leading digital marketing companies in India itself. 

2. D-fine digital solutions

D-fine digital solutions are another one in the top list with its presence in Kerala as well as in GCC countries over many years. They define the brands and the businesses to achieve exponential success by the media convergences. They utilize maximum resources of mobile, social media, web, videos and data analytics in order to keep the target audience engaged and excited. They deliver creative branding strategies, digital marketing tools, web designing & development, embedded system and digital consultancy. They possess a bunch of qualified professionals from various desks who join hands together to provide highest technological comfort for their clients.

3. GeeksChip

Unleashing the insights by giving genuine care is what makes GeeksChip different from other industry leaders. Their client count is increasing day by day because they value not just the data provided to them but the emotions attached to it. They have kept the communications simple and crisp so that it is easy for anyone to approach them. Other than SEO they provide Social Media Management since an effective social media targeting and promotion is one of the keys to become a business giant. In the crowded online market they help their clients to engage their brand in all online communities. They are also among one of the best Pay – per – click advertising agencies which helps clients to achieve their goals be it either brand awareness, driving leads, sales or revenue or a combination of them. 

4. Webdura Technologies

Webdura Technologies won the award for excellence in digital marketing 2010 by adapting a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for their clients which resulted in highly impacted results for the clients. They are result oriented and they prefer data-driven digital marketing solutions to uphold the status of clients and make their digital dreams a reality. To meet the growing demands of the customers they implement comprehensive strategies via their digital assets to generate more leads and in turn better sales. They have managed to grow as a global brand within a short span of time with their specialization in 360 degree digital marketing solutions for both small and large enterprises. With sustainable progression as their mantra they develop and strategize business models that are tailor-made and ensure that their clients have a self sustaining platform for future progress.

5. Aklak Digital Solutions

 Aklak Digital Solutions gaining its position among the top digital marketing company in Kerala has got a passionate and self-driven team who are dedicated to make the business dreams of their clients a reality. Reach out to the potential customer is one of the threats faced by businesses and Aklak Digital takes care of this aspect of their clients by using advanced digital marketing tools. They provide various services such as SEO, Web development, Digital marketing, Social media marketing, eCommerce development, Software development, android app development, Brand management and much more as per the requirement of the clients. They have unique and coherent digital marketing strategies to meet the objectives of the clients. They help clients achieve increased visibility, traffic, conversion rate and strengthen customer engagement process. They carry out digital marketing campaigns and make their clients prevalent and efficient. The 6-D process of Aklak Digital via Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deploy and Deliver make them distinct among other digital marketing giants. They offer best quality designs for websites and they have a 24 x 7 service support team to provide technical assistance at any time. They have a bunch of professionals who are highly qualified and experienced and possess Google certification. 

6. TechWyse

The strategy and the consulting services offered by TechWyse is what makes them distinct among other internet marketing companies. They provide their clients with creative web designs and marketing strategy to make them successful online. They build industry leading campaigns that drive relevant traffic to the website. They use AdLuge to help understand the progress of all client metrics including leads, lead sources, paid search campaigns, SEO and analytics. They are Canada’s largest internet marketing agency which has branched out to God’s Own Country, Kerala.

7.  iTruth Solutions

iTruth provides smart online marketing solutions to its clients to improve their visibility on the web. They have custom strategies to ensure best results for their clients. They develop website designs with content and they have excellent SEO and PPC solutions to promote the business to the right people in the right way. They create meaningful contents to help the clients convert the visitors into customers. With the key processes like testing, analyzing and optimizing their data analysis and conversion optimization methods helps to give huge edge over the competitors. They help organizations identify which email hosting solutions would be ideal for their business. They provide technical consulting along with digital solutions. 

8. Green Pepper Digital

Green Pepper Digital realizes the pulse of internet marketing and utilizes it effectively to improve the online influence of the clients and drive traffic to their online spaces. They choose the website of the clients as their popular tool to enhance the brand experience and effective communication with their audience. They have a team of dedicated professionals to create digital media products for national and international brands. Their services include providing customized digital solutions for the customers and advising after evaluating the context and opportunities. They conceptualize and build ideas and create beautiful designs in order to attract customers. They build robust contemporary websites and run creative campaigns to target audiences and generate leads. They produce, publish and promote creative social media campaigns.

 9. Adox Global

Adox Global helps its clients to create, develop and optimize all types of websites, social media and digital marketing campaigns. They help the businesses to grow globally with the help of digital marketing and social media. They provide services such as SEO, International PPC, digital media marketing and social media marketing. They help their clients to increase their brand visibility online and boost the digital ranking with the help of their digital marketing experts. They keep the customers as their priority and help them achieve their digital dreams by driving the target population especially through social media marketing. They have an awesome team of professionals for all technical and strategic support as and when required by the clients.

10. Viralmafia Digital

Viralmafia is experienced in digital marketing and all its related disciplines. They help their clients to pave the way to the global market by implementing digital marketing strategies and tactics in a manner that is relevant and applicable. Their services include social media marketing, SEO, digital campaigns, content marketing, search engine marketing, PPC marketing, web design and development and data analytics. They have a customer focused approach and help to optimize the brand marketing and reap maximum advantage after the implementation. 

Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala

digital marketing courses in Kerala

1. Search Engine Optimization

              SEO being the most rewarding platform in the field of digital marketing, is the leading and the most challenging sort after digital marketing course in Kerala. It is all about tweaking and optimizing various online entities like blogs,e-commerce platforms, websites,etc of any brand with the sole intention of increasing their rank in SERPs(Search Engines Results Page) and thus get high visibility in the online world. SEO requires a professional to have skills related to content marketing, proficiency in HTML with technical site optimization and the ability to combine data and analytics. A person undergoing SEO training should be able to master these skills and should be able to implement them. To become a professional emphasis on gaining hands-on experience  with interactive projects helping yourself learn the latest tools and techniques to be employed for analysis.

2. Search Engine Marketing

              Search Engine Marketing refers mainly to the process of employing paid advertisements so as to appear in the Search Engine Results Page(SERPs). SEM mainly focuses on Pay-Per-Click ads. This course emphasises on understanding the behavior of the target audience and depending on their behavior concentrates on promoting the products that apply to the company. Focusing on such behavior is the base of running any pay per click campaign. Effective understanding and accurate analysis of current market will help us to generate maximum generic and potential leads on executing an entire campaign as a professional. An SEM specialist should strategize PPC campaigns,monitor campaign management, perform market analysis and should possess some Ad writing techniques.

3. Social Media Marketing Courses

                  Social Media Marketing course is all about utilizing social media platforms to the maximum for the promotion of your brand to the common world. Gaining more and more visitors is the sole aim of all the businesses having an online presence. SMM and SMO(social media optimization) help attain this. This course will help to get a better understanding of using social media platforms to optimize better search results in driving traffic from the social networks and also directly from the search engines. Social media optimization is an advanced level of SMM which is gaining prominence just as SEO because of the growth of social networking sites. An SMM strategist should demystify community building on Facebook, Create Facebook and Twitter campaigns and marketing strategies, leverage Linkedin for lead generation,measure ROI of social media. Social media strategists work for full time with long hours.

Digital marketing courses
Digital Marketing Courses in Kerala

4. Inbound Marketing Courses

           Inbound marketing is all about customer oriented marketing. This course covers all fields of marketing techniques ranging from content creation and social promotion tills it converts to generating leads. This course will help you to have a greater knowledge on how to attract potential customers in the conversion funnel, how to convert prospects into leads using mailing strategy and to utilize the life cycle emails and finally analyse conversion optimization patterns.  

5. Email Marketing Courses

                  Email marketing being one of the oldest form of online marketing techniques has still not lost prominence. As long as people communicate via mail, this marketing form will be alive. It is highly relied on for building brand trust and providing useful tips and offers directly to prospective customers. The only task in email marketing is collecting Iist of potential customers and to keep the current customers highly engaged without losing interest in the brand for which we promote business. Email marketing courses in Kerala helps us know how to simultaneously interact with our audience while promoting our brand and increasing the sales. A professional will learn to run active email campaigns, to use Campaign and automation tools and to process deliverability software. In addition on working with live projects, you’ll master in creating effective and engaging email content, various customer acquisition strategies and to utilize resources for performing situational analysis and progressive updates.

6. Affiliate Marketing courses

           Affiliate marketing is a very tempting sector in digital marketing in Kerala. It concentrates on earning commissions by promoting other people’s,brand’s or company’s products. With this exclusive business oriented course, you will get equipped with all the techniques with which you can start your own affiliate business under the guidance of industry experts. After undergoing this course, you will be able to integrate all affiliate marketing skills with your digital marketing strategy and stay at par with your competitors. An expert will learn how to select high quality and profitable products to promote, ways to boost the campaign performance for your selected product by tracking keywords that lead to actual sales. In addition to getting yourself trained, you will also be taught to select a strategy for yourself and build your chain and slowly train your customers for a long term profit sustenance.

Why Must We Use SEO in Digital Marketing?

need for SEO

As part of any Digital Marketing Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is integral to driving customers to your business via online platforms. Effective marketing demands it. Following SEO techniques has many benefits some of which are listed below:

  • SEO helps in getting more prospect customers with the help of an optimized and developed website.
  • SEO is friendly especially in comparing PPC(Pay-Per-Click) and other parameters in measuring growth of our customers who are interested in products and other services from our brand .
  • Good SEO strategy will improve our website’s rankings.

 On comparing e-mail marketing and SEO technique, SEO is the prominent  factor for website ranking and driving more traffic to your website.Mobile SEO is a trending technique. Most of the users are searching mobile friendly website.SEO rankings help you to draw more visitors and this in turn helps in increasing our conversation rate, this improving our overall business.

SEO decides the ranking Factor

                Ranking factor is the most important factor in SEO. SEO helps increase the visibility of a site in the major search engines. Few indications that can be inferred from ranking results are :

  • Higher rankings in the search engines for a site is based on how many   users visited in that site
  • usability and user experience in a website will help to increases SEO skill
  • Higher ranking websites will also help to improve social presence on various social media platforms. It helps to increase clients to your website and keep you ahead in the competition. If a website is ranking in the first page of Google, it will generate a lot of users automatically. If a website’s ranking is dropping, it will not get more visitors anyway.

       Primary responsibility of SEO is to keep the brand’s website as the front runner in any search engines. Being the best digital marketing company in Kerala, it is our foremost aim to keep our client’s business and service websites position in Google and other search engines far ahead of their competitors.

SEO Impacts overall Buying Cycle

         From a buyer perspective,it is using SEO tactics that we should show our presence when the customer does research on the product or service they are looking for.

Role of Digital Marketing in Expanding Business

digital marketing helping businesses grow

Digital marketing is the first option that any businessman thinks of when they start dreaming of starting a business since that is the only way to focus and target their first group of prospective customers. Though traditional forms of advertising like print ads, posters and coupon mailers or big signs on road sides are still in practice, it hardly reaches the exact people who would be interested in the business we promote. This is where scope of digital marketing comes in promoting business and how digital marketing agencies help their clients to expand business globally.

Online Marketing Benefits

The actual customers caught online constitute such a major portion of people that we can not even dream of attracting locally. Digital marketing can help us reach an enormous audience helping us reach customers that can be measurable and also in a cost-efficient manner.

Digital marketing techniques help us interact with a wide range of prospects and identify exactly what they might be looking for. It helps reaching a global marketplace. Above all tracking responses of our online  marketing efforts can be done in no time.

 Online presence of Customers

All the people who might like or follow any business are already online. And this is what makes our work more convenient and more robust both at the same time. The problem being that even if they are available online, without a correct approach we cannot reveal  them our online presence. With the good marketing strategy,we need to utilize this available group of customers. There is a very good chance that these people might already be looking out for a business similar to our, but if we cannot help them us easily, they are for sure going to choose some other source or business.

This is the current trend which helps businesses. When anyone gets interested in our services, the first thing that these people do is to search their online presence and to know more about that particular brand. They check their website and what they have posted on different social media. Also they check the Google reviews about that particular business to get an idea of how and what the general public thinks about the services that these businesses provide.

Check Online presence of your competitors

Always be prepared to move a step ahead of your competitors. For the success of any business, pay attention to what your competitors and doing and move accordingly. On comparing with your competitors, we learn more and get ideas about what is working and what isn’t working with our website and business.  

Regardless of our efforts, if our prospects can’t choose us among our competitors then all the hard work that we have put on our business goes to waste.

This brings about the need for constant upgradation of the digital trends. Analyse if our competitors have a web presence and how are they standing unique in their way of bringing out their services. Give more emphasis on how they are engaging with their audiences and announcing about the band they work for and deal with. This is how we can stand in this digital world and keep improving day by day.

Go Digital with Aklak Digital !

digital marketing kerala

             With digital marketing leading the life of all the businesses, let us deal with some of the trends that have been seen influential in recent times. If a person owning a business has any intention of being competitive with its counterparts, adaptability with the rapidly evolving changes is a must. This has brought an alarming urge for  businesses to be updated with the recent trends in the field of digital marketing. Under such situations, when competitors need to be very vigilant with the changes happening in the online world, the digital marketing companies come into role in helping other online businesses shine digitally. 

Why Aklak?

              Aklak Digital Solutions is a one step solution for all those who are trying to promote their business in the online world. We have a set of dedicated team who work with full devotion to maintain the industry standards when it comes to the quality of never quenching needs of our customers. We at Aklak, strive relentlessly to keep up with the customer expectations and to provide them the best digitally inclined solutions to keep them fully satisfied.